Cheng Mai Drift – The Golden Triangle

Innovative musicians and pioneering aural architects Logical Drift (John Matarazzo, Logan Strand) explore the hidden meanings in sound in their newest release, ‘Colors of Asia’. Using and combining electronic and acoustic instruments they he searches the concealed sense and explores the secret places between sound and sensuality; sense and sensation. Taking a sound approach to the physical pleasure stimulated and incited by music they use sources both obscure and commonplace to bring the listener to evocative mythic peaks and tranquil mystic valleys of aural pleasure; thus awakening the soul. ‘Colors of Asia’ takes its inspiration, as the title suggest, from the cultures of Asia. Influences from the vast, arid expanses of the Gobi Desert to the Asian steppe and the Shengdu Plateau and then onward to the mountainous jungles of Burma and Thailand onward to the northern reaches of Indian the Punjab and the Himalayas.

Judean Desert

‘Judean Desert’ is a trip through the ancient lands of biblical history to a lush, lost
paradise. The “Eden” of dreams and longing.

Gates Of En Gedi

From the ancient port of Joffa on the Mediterraneantraveling east, across the wind swept Judean Desertthe weary caravan traveler comes to the legendary Oasis of En Gedi. Set on the banks of the Dead Sea; Covered in lush, hanging gardens, sparkling waterfalls and murmuring fountains, it is a place of musical relaxation and refreshment for body and spirit.

JUDEAN DESERT (studio clip)

GATES OF EN GEDI (studio clip)

DREAM DRIFT (studio clip)

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